Sustainability is not a strategy.

 It's a way of doing business

Recycling is about making use of the resources we already have and creating a sustainable future. Chilanga is committed to creating that future by doing sustainable business together with our customers and partners.

Scrap and Recycling

With a broad global network Chilanga specializes in sourcing and trading all kinds of metal scrap; non-ferrous metals, precious metals, e-waste, stainless steel and special alloys.

When doing business sustainability and environmental responsible recycling is prioritized troughout the whole trading process.

Chilanga also offers consluting support to improve recycling and develop a more sustainable business.

competitive prices

market analyze to maximize trading opportunities

global network of buyers




material expertise

transboundary transport documentation (EU)

notifications for hazardous waste

import/export (non-EU)

environmental compliance

recycling evaluations

quality assessment


About Chilanga

Chilanga is an innovative recycling company specialized in metal recycling and sustainable business with the customer and the environment in focus. Creating customer satisfaction means not only finding the best price but also the most sustainable solution.

With roots in Scandinavia and Mexico (hence the name) and partners all over the world; Chilanga connects ideas and people, creating sustainable business and recycling solutions for both manufacturing industries, smelters, scrapyards and other recycling companies.

Our knowledge and experience can help your company become more sustainable. Whether it means, increasing and improving your recycling, handling your material more efficient, improving your transports, or supporting with documentation and consultation.

Catering to the diverse needs of our clients we don’t believe in one solution that suits all, but in finding the best solution for your company and your needs.


Sustainability and recycling should be easy, if you also want to do sustainable, profitable and long-term business, get in touch and we will find the best solution for you and your company.